Graduate Studies

There are several different routes for those interested in pursuing graduate studies in my laboratory at the University of Chicago.

You have to choose what is best for your type of education and current background. Note that these programs do not have all the same deadlines or requirements. You should feel free to ask more questions.

Please let me know if you do apply to one of these programs so that I can try to follow up during the admission process. Thanks.

With my best regards,


Postdoctral research fellow

There are frequently open positions in the laboratory and the best is to inquire. All our research projects are aimed at studying biological macromolecular systems. Various projects have a strong component of methodology developments, others require the application of existing approaches. Possible subjects could include the structure, function, and dynamics of transmembrane ion channels, extensions to the molecular dynamics free energy simulation methodologies, calculations of protein-protein and ligand-protein binding affinity, the parametrization of a biomolecular force field incorporating induced polarization, applications of Brownian dynamics simulations and Poisson-Botlzmann theory, and more. Applicants should preferably have a PhD in physics, biophysics, chemistry, or biochemistry. Programing skills, and familiarity with the linux operating system are advantageous. Salary and conditions will be discussed and established according to the level of experience of the candidate. Interested postdoc applicants should submit a letter of application, resume, and names of three professional references to Prof. Benoit Roux (

Undergraduate research assistant

Our lab is open to support undergratuate students interested in participating to a research project in biophysics. Applicants should preferably have some experience in computer science, mathematics, biology, physics or chemistry. Interested applicants should contact Prof. Benoit Roux (

Science projects by high school students

Our lab is open to support research projects in biophysics by high school students from the Hyde Park area. Interested applicants should not hesitate to contact Prof. Benoit Roux (